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We have worked with thousands of individuals and families to help find the absolute best treatment option. Every rehab is different. Let us help you find the help you are courageous enough to be looking for.

With years of recovery under our own belts, and years working in the treatment industry in Orange County, we will hand pick an Orange County rehab for you or your loved one. Whatever your needs are, we would love to play a role in your journey to recovery.

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Every rehab is different, and every individual needs something unique. Here are a few things that we work with in order to help people find the best treatment.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

For people struggling with the co-occurring disorders of addiction and a mood disorder, dual-diagnosis treatment is a must. We have many options that offer the latest treatments for those struggling with mental health along with addiction.


For many addicts, a gender-specific treatment option proves extremely helpful. Sometimes, interaction with another gender can cause more harm than it does good in early recovery. We have multiple facilities for men only, and many for women only.

Probation and Parole

We work closely with the court system in Orange County. We have relationships with probation, parole, and the local police departments. Going to treatment is hard enough; we will happily help with your probation, and work with facilities with wonderful legal team.

Insurance Verification

Many health insurance policies will cover rehab, outpatient, and sober living in orange county. We can work with your insurance company to find a treatment option that will be covered by your policy, making sure you don't have huge costs out of your own pocket.


The first step for many addicts is to get the drugs out of the body. Without the help of a professional detox, this can be dangerous, horribly unpleasant, or even fatal. We have several wonderful detox facilities in Orange County that can help you ease off any drug, including benzos, opiates, alcohol, and more.

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Whether you are an addict yourself or are looking for a loved one, you probably know that you have to seize the moment when somebody is ready to get help. We are extremely efficient, striving to find treatment options within 24 hours for you.

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