Top 10 Ways To Help A Loved One Through Addiction

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Top 10 Ways To Help A Loved One Through Addiction

Top 10 Ways To Help A Loved One Through Addiction

Helping a loved one overcome addiction can be a lengthy journey equipped with relapse, disappointment, and drastic emotional trauma. However, the hardships that may arise along the way can be limited if you approach the situation with both care and caution. Here are 10 ways to help your loved one transition to a lifestyle of sobriety.

1. Remind Them They Are Loved

One who chooses to self-medicate may be victims of low self-esteem and will often feel unloved. Assure them that despite their current condition, they are both adored and cherished on an unconditional level.

2. Accept Them

While you should not accept the addiction as their final fate, you should still accept them for who they are. Avoid harsh judgment and try not to invoke shame. Always remain calm and hold your composure. Never yell, nag, or criticize. Doing this might push them away indefinitely.

3. Listen To Them

Because those with drug dependencies are often misunderstood, in order to encourage them to let you in, you will need to listen to them. Listen with the intent to understand not to respond.

4. Communicate Effectively

Though you may be both disappointed and emotionally drained from the situation, don’t let this hinder your communication skills. Ask questions without prying. Accept the answers given without pressuring them to answer differently.

5. Help Identify The Cause

The truth is, no one plans to be a drug addict. There are often traumatic events leading up to that point. By identifying the underlying cause and helping your loved one properly address it, they will be one step closer to sobriety.

6. Provide A Drug-Free Environment

While you may not be able to follow them around in life and remove every trigger from their path, you should ensure that every setting that you two occupy is free of both alcohol and any other substance.

7. Be Present

Come around your loved one more. The more you spend time with them, the less time they have to venture off and feed into their addiction. When you can’t be nearby, phone them often (in a non-obsessive way) to check on them.

8. Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

Invite them out for a walk in the park, a yoga class, or to your favorite museum. Expose them to non-toxic environments that will both uplift and remind them that there is a more positive lifestyle available to them.

9. Convince Them To Join A Support Group

Trying to deliver one from drug addiction is often too big of a job for one person. Suggesting that they join a support group can jumpstart the healing process and offer an immense amount of support. It will also grant them the ability to relate to those who are on the same path as they are.

10. Suggest Therapy

Advise your loved one of the essential benefits of seeking therapeutic assistance. Assure them that them there are licensed professionals put in place that will be able to assist in ways that the average person may not be able to. Visit us to connect with the best therapeutic options to provide your loved ones with the help they need.

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