The Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment

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December 3, 2017
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The Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment

Gender-specific treatment can be useful in some cases. Many people do well in mixed-gender settings, while others benefit greatly from a gender-specific program. If you are looking for treatment for yourself or a loved one, you may want to consider a gender-specific treatment center to meet your needs. There are pages like Your Sober Solutions which offer a list of options, like on their page Rehab for Women.

Finding Safety

First, gender-specific treatment can offer a sense of safety which some individuals may not find in a coed treatment center. According to the research we have, women and men may face different challenges both in using and in seeking help for their addictions. At a gender-specific treatment program, you can work on issues that people of your gender are perhaps more likely to deal with. This allows for you to focus on your issues with a sense of security and understanding.

Many people have some form of trauma, and some of us have trauma that stems from a situation regarding a person of another gender. If we’re in treatment, it is helpful to have the most security possible. A gender-specific treatment center can allow you to feel safe in sharing and not have old issues arise as often which may prevent you from getting the help you need.

community in recoveryBuilding Community

Building a community is an important way we learn to care for ourselves in recovery. Although we can build community with anybody in recovery, a gender-specific treatment program offers us the opportunity to build a safe community with people of the same gender. Being surrounded by people of the same gender means we can connect with them, feel safe, and build relationships in many cases.

We can of course build relationships and connect with people regardless of their gender, but a community of people with whom we can relate deeply may be truly beneficial. Especially in early recovery, it can be helpful to build a community of people with the same gender to help us grow, learn, and support one another.


One of the powerful advantages of gender-specific treatment is that we can be more authentic. Whether it’s sexual desire, trauma, or the normal way we interact differently with people of different genders, it can prevent us from sharing openly and honestly. At a gender specific treatment center, we can go through our process with more authenticity and truth. Whether we’re kicking heroin and dealing with depression after quitting opiates or coming off stimulants, we can be ourselves, share our difficulties, and go through the process.

Many people don’t realize the ways in which we behave differently around people of other genders. We may not realize we are doing so, and it may be subtle. When we surround ourselves with people of the same gender, we can be ourselves at a more basic level and really get in touch with what is going on in our addiction and experience getting sober.

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