Companions, Coaches, Transport, and Interventionists

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Companions, Coaches, Transport, and Interventionists

Meaning of Sobriety

There are many types of addiction professionals outside of treatment centers and therapists. These companions, coaches, transportation services, and interventionists can be an incredibly useful part of recovery. As such, it’s important to know what these different services are, and how they may help you or a loved one struggling with addiction.

Sober Companions

First, we have sober companions. Sober companions may also act as sober transport, but more on that in a moment. A sober companion is someone who sticks by your side to support you, especially in early recovery. You can visit here to learn more about sober companions, what they offer, and how to hire one.

In general a sober companion provides a way to be accountable, and some form of support in difficult situations. When newly sober, a sober companion can help you deal with hard experiences, work with triggers, and build new coping mechanism. Also, having a sober person next to you gives you someone to be accountable to. You may also hire a sober companion to help you stay sober while traveling.

Recovery Coaches

Recovery coaches may also be trained in sober companionship, but they are a different type of help completely. A recovery coach is essentially a life coach that specializes in working wth those recovering from addiction. Unlike a sober companion, a sober coach or recovery coach may just meet with you online or via phone. They also frequently do in-person sessions.

Sessions with a sober coach are often 30 minutes or an hour, and it is not a one-time thing like sober companionship often is. Instead, you will work with the recovery coach every week or several times a month. You will work on building life skills, coping mechanisms, identifying triggers, cultivating healthy relationships, and more.

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Sober Transport

A sober transport is another sober service that can be a type of sober companionship. Sober transport services are often used with young adults and teenagers, although a person of any age may benefit from the services of a sober transport company. Sometimes called sober escorts, these people are there to simply help you get safely from one place to another.

Sober transport services are often used to help a person get to treatment, especially after an intervention. They’re also used when somebody leaves treatment, has to travel while in treatment or early recovery, or is simply traveling in a way that has been a trigger in the past.


Finally, we have interventionists, which really stand out from the rest. You’ve likely heard of an intervention, perhaps through the popular television show, Intervention. Whatever the case may be, an intervention is somethign you do before somebody actually gets sober. It may be combined with other services to help encourage better chances at recovery.

Interventions are relatively simple. The family and/or friends get together to encourage the struggling addict to seek help. This usually works by people sharing how the addiction is impacting them, and by setting boundaries they can stick to. Although it is incredibly hard, a trained interventionist can help organize an intervention that goes as smoothly as possible.

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