Doing Whatever Works to Stay Sober

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Top 10 Ways To Help A Loved One Through Addiction
November 12, 2018
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December 11, 2018
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Doing Whatever Works to Stay Sober

Doing Whatever Works in Recovery

Often in AA rooms the same suggestions get passed around about how to stay sober. That can be great for lots of people, but not for everyone. Sometimes people need a little outside help in order to stay strong in their recovery. And there is nothing wrong with that! For some people, it means taking psychiatric medication for a diagnosed mental disorder. For others it might mean trying a meditation group or finding a spiritual community. The point is, don’t cast something aside just because it isn’t written down in the big book. It is OK to try different things and use whatever works in order to maintain sobriety.

Spirituality in Recovery

For many people recovering from addiction it is helpful to tap into a higher power or a source greater than yourself. One way to make this connection is to try on different religious or spiritual philosophies. Of course, this doesn’t always have to mean the large organized religions. Many people find comfort in other types of spiritualism like mysticism or tarot cards. If reading tarot cards is something you’re interested in you can check out this post from The Online Medium, 15 Tarot Spreads for Beginners – Love, Career, and More. Whatever peaks your interest, allow yourself to be curious about spirituality.

Alternative Medicines

Many sober people find it helpful to reach out to professions who practice alternative medicine. You could try seeing a chiropractor if you suffer from chronic physical pain or an acupuncturist if you’re struggling with anxiety. If you’re curious about the research behind these alternative paths, this post lays out the research nicely Of course, this doesn’t have to replace modern medicine. You can investigate different things and see what works best for you.

Herbalism and Essential Oils

More and more recovery communities are embracing the healing properties of herbs and essential oils. People have been using herbalism and aromatherapy for thousands of years to help with all kinds of ailments. If you are sober but still struggling you might want to try some essential oils like lavender oil for relaxation or orange oil for energy. If you follow @DanaSockolov on instagram she posts all about her journey with recovery and essential oils.

Changing Your Diet

There is an obvious link between your diet and the rest of your health. It isn’t just about stopping the consumption of drugs and alcohol, but also embracing foods that make you feel better in general. Tons of people in early recovery put down the booze and pick up the sugar or fried chicken. Of course, this does not help with overall mental health. One way you can feel better in recovery is to try eating a healthy and sustainable diet. Simple put: eating what makes you feel good (and not just emotionally!).

Keep an Open Mind

Why not do whatever you can in order to make recovery a little bit easier? We so often think that we need to struggle in order to stay sober. The truth is we can do whatever it takes to stay sober. We don’t need to pass judgement on anyone for what helps them with recovery. Instead, we can keep an open mind and remember that there is no one path for sobriety. Allow yourself to try what works for you and don’t worry if it is a little bit off the beaten path!

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