Five Reasons to Get Sober in Orange County

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May 15, 2016
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May 22, 2016
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Five Reasons to Get Sober in Orange County

Reasons to Get Sober in Orange CountyOrange County is a hub of recovery. There are a ton of inpatient treatment centers, sober livings, and recovery meetings in the area. There is nowhere else in the world quite like it. Orange County is home to one of the greatest recovery communities anywhere. Many people come to the area to get sober and never leave. Getting sober in Orange County is not easy (as it is not easy anywhere), but this beautiful part of the country does offer the ideal setting to find a lasting and healthy recovery from any addiction.

Top Professionals

Because Orange County has become such an important area for the recovery world, many of the country’s top professionals flock here. Yes, the treatment centers are beautiful and the sober livings plush, but the quality of care offered is likewise top-of-the-line. Orange County rehabs use the newest and most evidence-based treatments out there. For example, many treatment centers in the country are completely twelve-step based. In Orange County, treatment centers are open to investigating alternate ways to recover from addiction. In addition to the treatment facilities having great staff and care, there are also wonderful aftercare specialists in the area. When you finish rehab, you will have available to you the best therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, and holistic healers. People who specialize in the recovery field come here to work, and have often been working with addiction for decades. The level of care and professionalism offered in Orange County is simply unparalleled.

Recovery Meetings

Orange County is home to a ton of recovery meetings. There are many places that are flush with recovery meetings, but none quite like Southern California. Orange County is home to thousands of meetings every week. They include many twelve-step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Criminal and Gang Member Anonymous, Pills Anonymous, Heroin Anonymous, Al-Anon, and many more. Orange County is also home to Refuge Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, SMART, BILY, and more. Whatever path works for you to find sobriety, you can find it here. Not only can you find recovery meetings, you can find them all over. There is always a meeting closeby.

Recovering Community

Because the top treatment centers are in Orange County, the top professionals, and so many recovery meetings, there is an extremely active recovery community. Regardless of age, interests, or socioeconomic status, you are bound to find your people in the recovery world here. Getting sober in Orange County is definitely not boring. People in recovery are always out and gathering, helping each other stay sober and have fun without drugs and alcohol. The support network that people build when getting sober in the area is one of the greatest ways to ensure a lasting recovery.


Getting sober is tough. We all have things to work out, issues to face, and habits to break. One of the things that is offered in Southern California is an understanding and supportive community. I have found for myself that getting back on my feet was not as hard as I thought it would be. Here in Orange County, people understand addiction. It seems that everyone I meet has been touched by addiction in some way. Maybe they have a friend who is sober, a family member who is struggling, or are even sober themselves. When we try to get back on our feet, the understanding of the community is immensely helpful. When you go to find a job, employers may want to know why you have a gap in your job history. Maybe you’ve never had a job before other than selling drugs. In this area, these things don’t prevent you from growing. The opportunities here for people to build a new life are endless.

Beautiful Weather

This one may seem silly, but it’s true! The beautiful weather in Orange County is a great gift to recovering people. The year-round sunshine, beaches, and bright skies make it a fun place to be alive. Of course we have our dark and rainy days, but the weather is generally pretty mild. I moved from Portland, Oregon down to Southern California to get sober. I absolutely love Portland, but one down side is that it is often cloudy and rainy. I did not realize how much the weather effected my mood until coming down here. The clear days and perfect temperature are uplifting. Some days you may be outside and enjoy nature, but even seeing the beautiful weather out a window can help lift the spirits.

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