Ways to Enhance Spirituality in Recovery

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February 15, 2019
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Ways to Enhance Spirituality in Recovery

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Spirituality is an important part of recovery for many people. The most popular recovery program, twelve-step, is built off the idea that we need to have a spiritual awakening. Although the twelve steps offer a great introduction to spirituality, many of us can benefit from diving a little more deeply into spiritual life.

Spiritual Mentors

Spiritual mentors are a great way to go. In addition to a sponsor or mentor in your recovery program, you can find a spiritual mentor or spiritual advisor to really help support you in your spiritual life. A spiritual advisor will help you dive deeper, discover answers, and get to the bottom of your experience and what you need in this moment. The Online Medium is a wonderful spiritual advisor who can help you through whatever you’re dealing with.

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Spiritual Groups

Spiritual groups are a great way to find support in your spiritual life. Yes, you may get some spirituality in twelve step rooms. There are many alternatives to AA also that offer a different kind of spirituality. Celebrate Recovery is a Christian program for recovery, while Refuge Recovery is a meditation-based spiritual path of recovery.

We can also find spiritual groups that are not related to recovery. These can be mindfulness based groups, church groups, or just general spirituality groups. Not every way we find support needs to be directly recovery-related.

New Techniques and Traditions

There are simply a ton of different types of spirituality out there for you to investigate. Be open to trying something new. Listen to some new podcasts, watch videos on YouTube, find local groups, and read some books. You never know what’s out there and what may ring true for you.

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