What you Need to Know to Pass Your Weed Drug Test

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What you Need to Know to Pass Your Weed Drug Test

marijuana drug test

Have you got a drug test coming up? If you landed on this page through Google, then it is highly likely that you do, and you need to know how to pass a drug test for weed. For cannabis users, passing a drug test in a short time can be a nightmare, but the great news is that it is not impossible to pass one.

This comprehensive guide will help you with the basics of beating a marijuana drug test. You’ll learn how to detox your body so all the THC metabolites exit from your body, allowing you to pass the test.

Before we begin, you need to understand that these tests are made to find THC content in your body. There are various kinds of tests that revolve around a different sample collection. The most common drug test uses the urine sample to see THC metabolites in the body, hence we will be covering urine drug test methods only.

For urine tests, if you used marijuana for the first time in your life, THC metabolites can stay in your body for up to 8 days. If you occasionally smoke weed, then the metabolites can stay for up to 18 days. If you find yourself regularly using marijuana, then expect to see THC in your body for up to 48 days. And if you are the worst, using marijuana daily, then THC can stay in your body for up to 90 days.


To beat a urine-based drug test for weed, you can either try your luck using same-day detox products, or toxin cleansers. If you are more interested in natural ways and have plenty of time until the next time, then you can go down the natural detox route which is the most effective but takes longer.

If nothing works for you, then you can also try a powdered urine kit. This method does not require you to ingest anything. Instead, you’ll be using a pouch containing synthetic urine that must be diluted with water to give you a ‘fake’ urine sample. This trick is a bit risky but produces the highest results and does not require you to stop using marijuana.

Other methods like the same-day detox and natural detox will require you to give up marijuana before the test. For natural detox, you must stop smoking weed at least 30 days before the test.

No matter which method you choose to pass a drug test for weed, make sure you are also working out at a gym and eating a detox-friendly diet to increase your chances of passing the test. Both diet and exercise help in removing toxins from your body and they significantly increase the body’s ability to remove THC.

Just make sure that you have at least a week left for the test when you go for a same-day detox method. The more days you have left until the test, the more the chances that you’ll survive the test.

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